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If you are a homeowner within the Quail Estates Community please login to view home owner only information on this website.

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An HoA Community


Introducing our New HoA Management Company


Quail Estates HoA is transitioning to SPECTRUM Association Managment. All HoA related services will now be serviced by our new SPECTRUM A.M. company. As we continue to make this transition, please bear with us as we streamline anything HoA related to include assessments and ACC requests to SPECTRUM. We apologize for  any inconvenience that may slow your process including ACC requests, but be reassured, they will all be resolved in a timely manner. 


WELCOME to the Quail Estates Home Page.  This site is intended to provide information for all HOA members (Homeowners) and those residents that have entered into a lease/rental contract with an owner.   This site is the official homeowners' associations website for posting governing documents, meeting minutes, forms, and current information.  Contact us via SPECTRUM Association Management to login if you have any questions.



HOA President's Corner

We would like to extend our thanks to all the homeowners who were able to attend our HoA annual meeting this year and adhering to our request for social distancing and mask wearing. We would also like to thank those who were able to view in real time, our Facebook Live page, so those homeowners who were not able to attend could view the process in its entirety.  

We would also like to welcome our newest elected board member, Desiree Moszer, and to thank the community for re-electing Ray Nauta as a continued board member. 

Mark Your Calendars for 2020

Tour Texas and Harker Heights Special Events


Fort Hood MWR

Just some of the happenings going on in Texas

Click Here for Tour Texas

Click Here for Harker Heights Special Events 

Click Here for Fort Hood


Quail Estates Architectural Guidelines

Click Here for the Quail Estates Architectural Guidelines for any approved outdoor upgrades to your home. It is the responsibility of the Homeowner to check prior to any outdoor upgrades. Please prevent any costly mistakes by reading the QE Architectural Guidelines before any outdoor upgrade. 

Deer Rutting Season Ends 31 January

Click here to review the Deer Mesh Removable Fencing policy. As of January 31, 2020, the Deer Rutting Season will end and Quail Estate Deer Mesh Fencing Policy will be in effect beginning February 1, 2020. Please adhere to the policy to avoid any violations/fines. 



***** KISD School 2020/2021 Calendar *****






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Governing Documents

Governing documents

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