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This page is dedicated soley for our furry four legged lovable pets of Quail Estates, and those that wonder into our community that we cannot identify.  If your pet should happen to get loose or become lost you can post a flier on this page and leave it up until a resolution is made. just fill out the "Help Our Pet is Lost" flier, if you pet becomes lost, or if we have a "roamer" on the loose in the community, before we contact animal control let's try to help our Neighbors out by posting a "Loose Pet" flier or just a video if possible.  So, let's take a look at some of our pets and maybe we can identify them early and contact the correct owners if they become loose.  If you desire to have your pet on this page to prevent wondering where you pet is if he or she isn't home when you have returned after your day, please check our message boards to see if your pet was on the loose.  

When posting, it is the Resident's option to reveal the amount of personal information associated with their posted animal.  Please note all animals can be agressive if provoked or approached in a threatenting manner as perceived by the animal.  

Owners know their animals best and should post truthful and as much accurate information regarding their pet, to infom our neighbors the best possible way to approach your pet or a pet that looks similar.  To have your pet listed, a Resident must provide a good working contact number to be reached at.

Pets of Quail Estates

NAME: Stella

BREED: Staffordshire Terrier

DEMEANOR: Happiest dog ever, non aggressive but strong

If I'm ever on the loose please contact my Owners,

The Brown's at: 210-560-7871

NAME: Damier

BREED: Long Haired Chihuahua and Toy Poodle Mix

DEMEANOR: Non Agressive, very friendly

If I'm ever on the loose please contact my Owners,

The Jackson's at: 936-371-1804


NAME: Mustang & Shelby

BREED:  Shelby: Black Labrador

Mustang: Black Labrador and Golden Retriever Mix

DEMEANOR: Mustang: four years old and very calm, Shelby: 1 year old and very playful

if We or One of us are ever on the loose please contact our Owners, The Grady's at: 254-251-8499





Pets all accounted for...